The contest ended, but the event is just getting started

At Esca Bona (latin for 'good food'), we want to bring the most innovative, driven, purposeful companies together to find solutions for our broken food system. Join us in Austin, TX October 22-23 as we identify business solutions for growing brands, collaborate with the gamechangers of the industry, and learn what it takes to B a force for good (at the B Corp Garage).


October 22-23 @ Austin, TX

This year in Austin, TX Esca Bona is connecting trend-setting entrepreneurs, game-changing technologists and visionary business leaders from across the supply chain to work together to amplify the positive changes happening in food.

What is Esca Bona?

Esca Bona is about good food. Food that is nutritionally sound. Food that comes from humanely raised animals. Food that was harvested by someone earning a fair wage. Food that was grown in consideration of the environment it depends on. Good food is about what’s on your plate, and every factor that went into getting it there. Join Esca Bona to discuss these and more issues, and how companies are creating solutions.


We’ll address this year’s theme of diversity in 4 pillars.

Investment with Impact

How the movement and conscious investment of our money can positively impact our communities and all of our food system.

Thinking Differently

How changing your perspective and inviting new perspectives and knowledge to the table can change everything.

Conscious Consumption

How a more inclusive and accessible food industry will allow more consumers to partake in healthy sustainable diets, reduce food waste and heal supply chains, unlocking boundless opportunity for the future of food.

Collaborative Dialogue

How working together can radically transform our ability to imagine creative innovations and breakthrough solutions for the food industry.